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Bounce Back ( 4oz)



Bounce Back – Concentrated nutritional supplement . Provides relief during times of stress or dehydration. Soluble powder electrolyte energy supplement helps provide energy as well as aid in rehydration. Blue coloring makes it easy to see that solution is mixed correctly.

Contains dextrose, sodium bicarbonate, salt, glycine, potassium chloride sodium silico aluminate and Blue 1.

Directions: Add powder to warm water and stir to dissolve completely. Do not mix into milk or milk replacer. Do not discontinue regular milk replacer feedings. Discard any unused solution after 24 hours. See label for species-specific mixing and feeding instructions.


* Multi-species electrolyte supplement – formulated for 9 species of baby and adult animals
* When an animal is suffering from dehydration, nurture them right with this convenient and high-quality electrolyte supplement!
* With glycine to support electrolyte absorption
* Great for animals of all ages
* 100% satisfaction guaranteed
* This product may be suitable for use on organic farms;
please confirm with your certifier before using